Tactical Hand Gloves- Half Hand




Tactical hand gloves are gloves designed to meet the needs and requirements of police and military operatives, providing great protection against a range of physical threats. Because of this they are incredibly hard wearing and impact resistant while still keeping high levels of dexterity.

Initially, they were developed for police and special operations units to provide between traction and handling for their tools and knives. They also protect the users from a wide array of various threats, from puncture wounds to dog bites, and more. Today, with the range of sports at our disposal, they’re also used by the masses for some tactical activities.

It all depends on the material, and the thickness. It’s also going to depend on what activity you’re doing. Combat gloves have been known to save bikers some skin when they flip off their ride, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to protect you against sharp items. Some men prefer to use tactical gloves when they’re treating game meat or in the wilderness to avoid the potential risk of cutting or scraping their own hands.

If your tactical gloves are too tight, you’re going to notice extreme hand fatigue, and muscle soreness. You may look at your hand and wonder, “What muscle is he talking about?” Your hand’s anatomy is made up of tendons, stretching up your forearm to your elbow. When your funny bone gets whacked, you often feel it all the way up to your pinky and ring finger, and it vibrates for a few seconds.



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