Hand Sanitizer Automatic Dispenser – Battery Operated




The automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is a unique piece of recent technology. Alcohol based hand sanitizer were said to kill germs , invented in the 1960’s but gained widespread popularity in the 1990’s when several flu pandemics spread across the globe. Using infrared motion sensor technology, automatic hand sanitizer dispenser ate able to provide hand hygiene in situations where hand washing is impractical or unavailable. A 2007 study estimated that in the year 2002, infections spread at hospitals in the United States caused or contributed to nearly double the number of deaths caused by AIDS and firearms combined. These infections were spread mainly through skin to skin contact, primarily because of lapses in hand hygiene. Using an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser eliminates the need for hand washing in most cases. Touchless hand sanitizer dispensers can be placed in virtually any location and easily relocated when needed.


Most people think of automatic hand sanitizer dispensers and assume that hand  sanitizers dry out hands. However this is not true. Using hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs on your hands while maintaining moisture on your skin. Specially designed emollients in Germstar hand sanitizer leave skin feeling hydrated and smooth.

Ask me if you are in doubt of the hand sanitizer to put in your dispenser.

Facilities that use automatic hand sanitizers have lower rates of absenteeism. Schools, offices, and hospitals with automatic, touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers are prepared for upcoming flu season.

Save yourself from Corona Virus using this auto dispenser.

500ml capacity




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